Hampton Roads has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the past six months. I realized what a strain
that has put on real estate agents when we started looking for a house to buy. As the market went absolutely
bonkers, time was obviously at a premium. I found that out when agent after agent wouldn’t give me the time
of day over the phone, or even return my phone call after leaving three messages! That all changed when I
called Tammy Coleman to enquire about a listing. She made the time to check the availability on the property
we were interested in and even though it was already sold, she immediately set us up on the “Property finder.”
Now I could check listings every day too. As we continued our search for a new home, Tammy continued to
keep in touch via e-mail or phone and always called me back promptly and patiently answered my questions.
After missing out on several houses that were of interest to us, we finally found a house we wanted and were
still available. However, unless we could look at it QUICKLY, we knit it wouldn’t last long. I called Tammy to
see if she could arrange a showing. She immediately called back in route between a wedding and reception
she had been attending in another state, but quickly made arrangement for us to call her partner and look at
the property. It wouldn’t be the first time she would show her dedication and commitment to our family by going
far above and beyond the call of duty. I am, writing this letter from that house and Tammy made it possible to
get the house we really wanted.
We were so pleased with the service we had already received, so when it was time to put our old house on
the market, we didn’t think twice about asking Tammy to be our agent. Whenever we met with Tammy, it was
apparent that she was/is extremely knowledgeable I general but also about current information emerging in
her field. She worked hard and aggressively to marker out house so it would sell in the time frame we had
allotted. When our work day was long over, she continued to work for us; Thankfully, Tammy chose to attend
both of our closings. Having her there was a huge blessing having her present as she paraphrased terms
and explained what was happening and we could understand the process? (I have always liked understanding
what I’m about to sign) Tammy helped me to feel comfortable and totally at ease. Throughout our association
with Tammy, she has been personable and professional at all times, frequently took care of business quickly
and contentiously. If she couldn’t answer one of my millions of questions, she immediately put me in touch with
a person who could or took it upon herself to find out the answer. She found out the answer not only for me but
also to continue her own learning. She has always been flexible and understanding and continued to treat us
with respect.
In my relationship and association with Tammy throughout the process of buying one house and selling another,
I can honestly say that Tammy Coleman is one of the rare real estate agents, who have integrity and honesty for
both her clients and her profession. I have no doubt that she is one of the best real estate agents in the Tidewater
area. I can only hope that she has the opportunity to mentor beginners, so there are more agent out there like her!

The Berger’s – Buyer & Seller in 2004