Appraisal Process


Preparing Your Home for the Appraisal Inspection



Have all rooms available for inspection 
Remove pet form the house during the appraisal
Appraiser may need to test water pressures, ignite furnaces, inspect electrical panels, have access to attic areas, crawl spaces, etc. – especially when FHA financing is involved.
Appraiser will ask for survey or plat on the house
Have a list of upgrades, remodeling, etc on the house.
Make sure fence gates, detached garages, and shed doors are unlocked and available for inspection
If the property is being sold with FHA financing, be sure that all of the utilities are on the time of inspection
Questionable items such as roof shingles, old furnace units, water stains, etc:, should be addressed in writing by a professional trades person with a copy of this information available to the appraiser to avoid costly re-inspection frees and possible delays in closing.







Type and condition of the roof
Condition of trim, soffit, & fascia
Type of exterior siding & condition
Types and windows and if there are storm windows
Are there porches?  Condition?
Are there garages? Type & Condition 

Landscaping, driveways, walks

Condition of surrounding properties and general price range
What public utilities serve the property?
Make-up of neighborhood: Commercial, industrial, agricultural, apartments.  How does this property fit with the others?
Measurements of exterior, type of house, how many stories


Detailed notes on number of rooms, type of floors, walls, ceilings & condition
Square footages
Wall outlets in each room
Baths: will run the sink faucet & flush commodes, check for water pressure.  Type of floor in bath and walls around the tub/shower
Handrails on stairwells
Condition of kitchen, type of cabinets, appliances, if any 
Number of bedrooms, closets in bedrooms, condition
Is there an attic, is it floored; is it insulated?
Type of insulation in the house; walls & roof
 Attic:  Is there evidence on the ceiling of water leakage from roof?



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