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When you hire us to manage your property, you can expect that:

Your rental home will be advertised on multiple home rental websites

Your property will be shown to prospective tenants 7 days per week 

Your property will be listed in the Multiple Listing Service

Your applicants will undergo a thorough tenant background screening

Your tenants will sign a Virginia residential lease prepared  and backed

by our ALL/PROS brand and attorneys

Your Rental Home Renter’s Handbook spells out in writing our 

expectations of your renter

Your property will have a detailed move-in inspection

Your tenants can pay rent via bank account draft.

No one collects your rent faster




Your rent is deposited electronically into your bank account

Your account information is posted to your Landlord Portal.

With your username and password, you can  view monthly

financial statements, year end tax statements,work orders and invoices.

Keep an eye on your costs.

Your property is inspected frequently every year

Your property is repaired and maintained using reputable vendors

Your tenants have a 24 hour emergency repairs telephone system

for emergency maintenance requests

Your property is prepared for the market so you don’t have to

Your security deposit refunds or claims are prepared per the

Virginia Legal Statutes. This is vitally important!

Your tenant move-ins and move-outs, cleaning, appraisers, adjusters,

repairmen, etc… are coordinated by us

You can easily communicate with us via email and telephone

Benefits to Ownership

If you can find a property where the rental income covers the monthly costs, then you have a winning scenario. More and more people are jumping into the rental property marketplace. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 20% of home sales in 2013 were investment properties. Yes, rental properties do have pesky monthly … Continue reading Benefits to Ownership